Count Your Blessing

Lately I’ve been thinking about love, life, and about how blessed I am in so many ways. I realized that there are thousand ways to say “I love you” and to show how much you care about someone. Some might say it straightforward. Some could not even say it properly but whenever you’re feeling down, they’re the first one to realize and always reach out to you. Some might say it with hugs and kisses. Some might send you countless memes to cheer you up. Some might show you a cute picture or video of kittens just to put a smile on your face. Some might disguise it in a small talk.

"I made breakfast for you."
"Here, drink some waters. You look thirsty."
"Put your seat belt on."
"I'm gonna be around if you need me."
"Don't sleep too late."
"I booked a ticket for your favorite movie."

Whatever it is, if there's a pinch of love in it, you'll feel it.

When your blessings are countless, sometimes you forgot to count. It’s easier to count when you have less. 🙂